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  Who are we?
Disabled Access to Computing is a non profit organisation established in 1994, you may well have known of us before as DABBS (Disabled Access to Bulletin Board Systems). The name changed at about the time public access to the World Wide Web was allowed as we moved from supporting a library of software to providing more direct support and services to our clients.
For an timeline, explaining how our role has eveolved, please see our Outline History
Most of our staff are themselves disabled and we formed DA2C to help others with similar problems. For details of our current core staff please see our Staff Page.
What can we do for you?
Our original brief was to assist disabled people in gaining access to, and training on, computer equipment and to work towards enabling clients to gain employment by virtue of their computer skills. We have had some success in these areas but recently our emphasis has shifted toward providing generic training services tailored for the disabled. Due to continuing demand we are maintaining a number of services, albeit at a reduced level, including:
  • We can provide a disabled person with computer equipment and software.
  • We offer advice to organisations on selecting equipment and programs to suit the needs of their staff.
  • We can provide training for disabled individuals, carers, charities and commercial organisations employing disabled staff.
  • We can provide advice and technical support to clients regarding their computer systems.
  • We can offer a web site building service, although our objective will always be to hand to project over to your staff. We also provide advice and assistance with the hosting of your web site and registration of your web address.
  • We conduct accessibility audits on an existing web sites to ensure they comply with current legislation, the client receives a detailed report which details any changes that may be required.
  • We aim to promote the employment of disabled people including the use of modern telecommunications systems to facilitate working from home.
The sample Case Histories may help you decide if we can help you.
Do you want to help us?
There are a number of ways you can help us.
  • Firstly you can let us know if you or your organisation is disposing of redundant computer equipment*. We can collect this equipment and it will be passed to disabled people. We make no charge for our services.
  • You might be able to offer skills which we can deploy toward specific projects, our volunteers give us the wide range of skills we need to deal with complex needs.
  • You can make financial donations, specifying the beneficiary if you wish. For example you might pay for a specific piece of commercial software to be supplied to a particular client. We normally seek to provide open source freeware, however this option is occasionally of help to employers of our disabled clients*.
*See our Donations & Disposals Page for further information.
How do I get more information?
If you are a disabled person, or know of such a person, who requires assistance with computer equipment, or if you represent a charity or not-for-profit organisation requiring technical support with computer systems you can click on the e-mail button on the left.

If you represent a charity or not-for-profit organisation requiring assistance with the creation of a web site you should take a look at our Internet Support Services Page.
Feedback is Welcome
If you have any comments to make regarding any of the DA2C services please feel free to use the e-mail button on the left. We do welcome any suggestions from our clients or others with an interest in supporting disabled people in the community.

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